In the summer of 2012 my good friend Jonny and I were invited by our friend Alexis and his amazing parents to do an artshow in Greece. A no-brainer despite the difficult political situation, so we did it! Breaking down the concept of "ANTI SOCIAL", we would say we mixed up a classical school map look with animal images and tried to compare human behavior to animal behavior through the illustration, the legend and the wording. The maps were perfectly printed on thin PVC banner by "Repro Schneider" in Cologne and provided with varnished wooden slats and a string to hang them up by Jonny and me. Then our friend Tonia made some narrow cotton bags with a blue drawstring and a stamped "ANTI SOCIAL" logo to pack the maps elegantly. The opening night and the one-week exhibition took place at House Papadimitriou in Gonni with lots of people, a lot of wine and a lot of passion for art. All thanks to Zissis (RIP) & Christiane. Stay strong Greece!





















No big deal.
Two Germans in Greece jerseys: No big deal.